Science Outreach Programs

Science Learning Adventures (Gary DeLeo)

For some years now, I (GD) have been creating what I call "photo-video-narratives" of each collection of science outreach programs that I run.

The website is  (note:  "com",  not  "edu")

In the "Students and Parents" category, each web page tells the personalized story of that program with text, photos, and videos. The overall "Science Learning Adventures" website is still under development (has been for years), and pages such as those under "For Outreach Providers," for example, doesn't contain much yet. However, the "Students and Parents" section has many pages that give clear descriptions of what I did at grade levels ranging from kindergarten on up.

Click on "Students and Parents," and then on "Your Outreach Program." And then select a school/year, and then a particular program. For example, "Students and Parents," "Your Outreach Program," "Timeline: Planet Earth Program at Miller Heights 2011-2012 will take you to...

There you will find programs run for that school from grades K-5.

Programs called "Timeline: Planet Earth" are large-scale programs that cover all grade levels at the school with several programs per grade level. Some other schools also receive a lot of programs, even when they are not a Timeline: Planet Earth school.

"Our Blanket of Air" is an example of a program that I usually run for second grades ..

Recent PBS Tempo InDepth video segments of outreach can be found at the following address..